What are Roblox Studio toolbox viruses?

Hello guys! This may be my last topic post for today! I see a lot of people asking what Toolbox viruses are? First I did not understand what that is too. But I got more experienced and I will explain what they are and how to remove them! So viruses can do bad things in your game. For example the can get your game banned because the model/script makes/changes a tool for example to a swear word or like an inappropriate image. Or they could cause lag in your game. I currently only know how to remove the lag one if I know more I will post it. So first of all go to the laggy game. Then click control+shift+F then you see a bar. Then search getfenv. NOTE NOT ALL GETFENV SCRIPTS ARE BAD. So if you see the getfenv like in a line that is like a long way away from the script then its a viruses. Or if you see an empty scrip delete it because I am to 80% sure it has viruses. Now delete the whole getfenv script to stop the virus. Now your done an publish! Thanks for reading I hope this helped! Stay safe. <3

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I will sleep now please tell me if wrong catagory and I will change it tomorrow. <3

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Thank you for talking the community this!

Like @Noah told me in an earlier post, the GameGuard plugin really helps find bad scripts. This plugin finds scripts that include getfenv and require. After it searches all your scripts, you can choose to “quarantine” the bad scripts and you’ll have a virus-free game!


Nope! This doesn‘t work at all I tried already.

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Oop I thought it world work-

It should be working, it finds scripts which include gentenv and require in them.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you so much! I’ll use this technique.