What are some recommended starter stocks?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been watching the stock market for a pretty long time. But currently, I haven’t invested in any of them (due to my own restrictions / limits).

I plan to invest into the stock market sometime in the future, but I want to know your opinions beforehand so I can make some good starter choices … recommended stocks, something to make a note of, what stocks have a high dividend, what stocks should I keep a tab on, and maybe even mistakes you’ve made when investing into a certain stock.

Looking forward to your responses! :heart:


@25swrld is good for this type of stuff.

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Hi! To start things off I just waana say its great to hear you’re trying to get into the stock market space. However before you even consider buying stocks its important to know what platform you will use

I personally recommend wealthsimple to Canadians. I’ve used it, my family uses it and so do my friends. It’s free to sign up for a wealthsimple account. You just need an ID. If you’re under the age of 18 you can have your parents sign up for you then use the account on your own personal device (many people I know have done this)

Wealthsimple allows you to trade fractions of stocks, aswell as whole stocks and crypto!

Now, onto which stocks you should buy to get started:

I personally recommend getting the Roblox stock to start out. As it is at an all time low, in recent times we’ve seen the stock growing

I also reccommend users to start out with Apple stocks as that is something stable you can start to experiment with

The best stock I’d recommend to buy if you can afford it is Johnson and Johnson stock. it’s a very stable stock considering it has wellness products that include adults and babies meaning the company which is already stable will simply continue to grow in the long run.

There are many other stocks you should get into however I’m writing this as I’m in the middle of some other tasks so I’ll edit this post as more come to mind.

On a side note: crypto is also something worth looking into aswell!

Whatever you decide to buy always do a background check on the company aswell as check their stock trends. Generally only buy stocks that are stable (haven’t had massive increases or decreases in the price within a short timespan)

Whatever you decide to do I’m sure you will successful in the long run. Make sure not to trade by emotions though! For example If you see a stock going down don’t sell right away. wait a bit, it will probably go back up.

These are just some of the trading tips I have. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do

all the best


Thank you 25swrld! With the roblox stock I bought it at like $75. Is it time to sell?

No, it’s very low at the moment, so I don’t think selling is a good decision.