What did you do while Roblox was down?

What did you do while Roblox was down? Were you bored? Did you play a Roblox copy to tried a completely new game? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
(If this question was already ask before please inform me!)

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I was all The time on Discord and watching netlfix, Lucifer, Green Arrow. And also wentside and I touched The grass… XD

I played Minecraft, it helps me relax, especially the music.

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I was basically just on Discord, other than that, I didn’t really do anything.

LOL! Thanks for answering!

Same! Anyway, thanks for answering!

I just can’t understand how that relaxes you but mkay I guess, LOL!

Minecraft has some very interesting soundtracks, even on the music graph thing (idk what it’s called) you will see that each note will shape up into some Minecraft related thing, like a Steve face.

You can check out the sountracks on YouTube Music and Spotify.

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I was playing gta5 killing people