What do you need when developing?

Hi developers!

When you develop what is an absolute essential item you need when creating games?

Personally, mine is water & music.

I would love to hear what you need,

@cookie :cookie:

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I think a good aspect would to be to have a tutorial system so they can understand the game a bit better instead of having the players figure it out themselves.

Very interesting topic! While developing, for me, it is essential to have Spotify opened playing my favorites playlist. Otherwise, I just can’t do a thing in Studio! :laughing:

You need water, music, and popcorn! Or something to eat. I enjoy listening to some electronic music, drinking a coke and relax while developing.

For me its water, popcorn. (like frix_0z said) & spotify


When I’m making clothes I need popcorn water and calm muice just like @25swrld

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Mine is food, if I don’t have something to eat every so often I’ll get cranky.

I need some peace and quiet to concentrate on building … :shushing_face:

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Probably focus music, I can’t get very far if I’m not very productive…

For me, if I’m hungry I will probably get food.

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Same here, I need food.

Sorry to bump this old topic.

I don’t really drink water so not that (And I’ve suffered the consequences - Kidney Stones. But don’t worry, I get my fluids in). Mainly music that doesn’t take up brain space to listen to (so like mellow pop or a bit classical. Not punk or upbeat pop) and a snack, and a window to look out when I need inspiration.