What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

As time will go on we will all age, if you imagine yourself in 10 years.

  • What would you wish to be your career?
  • What degrees would you wish to have?

And more, feel free to share down below, I’m curious!


I wish to go to MIT. I want to get a degree in technical engineering. I think that I will start with a roblox (Or the alternative) internship, and then start up my own company.

As the time gets closer for me to have to pick I get somewhat nervous thinking about a career path because I haven’t chosen one yet I know I have a knack for technology like many others here but I dont know if thats the route I plan to go down. I’d like to achieve a masters degree in business communiation and work at a law enforcement dispatch center. I’ve always had a love for tech ofcourse but my love for communications is even higher which is why I decided to combine the two and shoot my shot at becoming a 911 or military dispatcher.


I think that i will be a cyber security to save my family in my country from hackers and some bad guys that they will destroy our country tho i hope to get my job in military to save my county:))))))))