What do you think about Minecraft server security?

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There is not much activity on the forums so I fuguired that I should make a post to keep it alive :slight_smile:

Now, if you play Minecraft, you probably know that there is not much security on public/private servers. There have been lots of exploits occuring on various servers in the past weeks/months.

Very recently, about 2 days ago, the lead developer of Minecraft (jeb_) was playing in his private server, like something any Minecrafter would do. One day, a group of griefers from a known hacking Minecraft Java server called 2b2t decided it would be fun to grief the lead developer of Minecraft itself. So they used a Discord bot to help them break into his unlisted server when they found out that he was AFK, joined the server, found jeb_, and used flint and steel on him. After he “died” in the game, he got disconnected.
How did this even happen, you may wonder? Well, this is mainly because Minecraft servers have very weak security by default, allowing hackers/griefers to take advantage. Part of this hack was possible with a Discord bot, but mainly because of Minecraft’s security.

Today, most people believe that there is a 90% chance that the jeb_ in the server was real. You can watch how it happened, step-by-step, in the video linked below by FitMC.

Do you think it’s finally time for Mojang to add more security, or do you not want them to improve they’re security system? Personally I think they must improve security, but let me know below what you think.

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Side note: The group of griefers literally broke into Mojang’s own servers by finding the server location (which was near Minecraft’s headquarters) though a Discord bot. This is one thing I was unable to figure out, is this even legal to do, to grief the lead developer of Minecraft?

Terrible, absolutely terrible, shouldn’t miencraft fix this immediately?

Security risks like this one can lead to more devastating issues, now that the lead developer himself has been affected they definitely should try and find a fix.

If they don’t resolved issues like this it could lead to irritated players which isn’t good for there review.

The copenheimer bot could ruin Minecraft and kill it.

Probs as I was offline as I was on holiday for a bit, but Im back now and I can be active!!

They should be fixing it, but I don’t think the lead developer knows that he was griefed just yet, maybe he thinks that he simply disconnected. And even worse, the greifers can track every single Minecraft player on the planet, and yet most players probably won’t even realize this until they find out about this.

Exactly, think about how many communities will be ruined due to this… Could this be MCS downfall?

I don’t think this would bring Minecraft to it’s doom as it is one of the best games existing and has the potential to stay popular for decades, but it certainly has a chance of it’s population decreasing unless Mojang does something about it.

I see, I’m not a big Minecraft player , so I don’t know too much.

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This is really interesting… Thank you for the post! I enjoyed reading it. I think they should improve security.