What is the best resource for me to learn LUA for free?

Hey there Cookie Tech!
I bet you have seen me post about how you learnt to code. But i’m wondering what is the best free resource for me to learn LUA.

I want to start coding my own projects but I don’t know the entry point into LUA.

Any answers would help!

thank you,

Hey, TedP
I am decently advanced in roblox lua, I learned over 7 years ago. Here are some tips I use even now to continue to learn.

  1. Looking in free models. Looking in free models code, advanced or not can help you learn the basics of how to make something function. For example: E to Open door. Looking under the hood of that model can teach you how to pass input data to make something happen. As well as CFrame basics and Tweening.
  2. YouTube Tutorials. Watching someone explain the code and what it does and following along with it will speed up your learning process. So go watch some Cookie Tech tutorials. :joy:
  3. (Newer) Recently AI’s such as ChatGPT can write code. While I have not tried it, I know people who have made pretty complex programs with it.

Well, thanks for reading. And good luck on your learning journey!

thank you so much for your response! this really helps me!

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Anytime! Please feel free to reach out if you ever need any scripting help!

Don’t think they do Lua, but W3Schools is a good place to learn a variety of coding languages. You can make websites on there platform, and also get officially certified by doing a coding course!

Hey there! That’s a pretty good question, if you’re looking for free Lua learning I’d suggest checking out some YouTube tutorials from well-known Roblox scripters.

Or if you’d be willing to spend for more “structured” Lua courses, I highly recommend Udemy, a modern platform with thousands of quality courses … you can even earn a certification on these kind of sites, if you’re looking for that.

Hope this helps!

Personally would recommend the series from thedevking until I relesae one :smiling_face:

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