What is the coolest thing you've made in Roblox that nobody has noticed?

Hi cookie tech community,

I’ve got a bit a fun one for you, in the uk it’s extremely hot so it’s very hard to work, however, what’s the coolest thing that you’ve ever made in roblox studio that nobody has ever noticed or congratulated for?

Was it a very difficult script that runs in the background and nobody really notices? Or something you spent ages on building and it’s super small?

I would love to hear what you’ve made and how nobody has never noticed how much effort you put into it!


my building for my cafe look up astronaut cafe || handbook cafe on the devforum


Yeh - Normally people underestimate how difficult building is.

fr it’s actually not that easy

I’ve revealed quite a lot of work-in-progress projects, actually … such as Admino and Northdrift, however I don’t believe many people know the reason why the next Northdrift County game release isn’t out yet …

I’ve been working on stuff behind the scenes, such as working on some features that have never been included in any roleplay game, an example would be creating an entire ocean and mountain range for the game and attempting to test my Lua skills by trying to make a datastore … difficult, but I’m getting somewhere.


Yes, I am building an hotel but it’s sooooo hard to build, also can’t pay an builder :frowning:

i could help, whats the max u could pay? dm me

It seems he can’t afford one.

The coding behind rankgun was also incredibly difficult.

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