What is the worst investment you've ever made?

Look, we’ve all made that one bad choice, maybe something on a small scale, or maybe something larger.

When we Humans receive a large sum of money it’s natural for us to buy the most expensive thing we see or spend it all in one go.

Sometimes we can do this on a small scale, like wasting £1 on a sweet bar, but sometimes it can be a lot greater, like losing £1000 in stocks for a company that went down.

Don’t be afraid to shame yourselves, we’ve all done that one stupid thing, feel free to let me know what you’ve done down below!

In truth, it’s hard to think money-wise, especially on your first few goes.

We need to make mistakes, learn from them and carry on.

I’ve thrown around £50 on advertisements before and barely got anything back, but I learned how to spend money more wisely.

I’m sure you all have a story to tell, so I’d like you all to let me know in the comments down below, what’s the biggest mistake you’ve made.


That advertisement investment definitely bit back, seeing I could have bought my dream item which at the time was cheap, I lost out quite a bit.

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Yep, we’ve all made some not-very-good choices. But that’s how we learn, so I’m not really ashamed with it.

The only investment mistakes I’ve made occured on Roblox, as I don’t invest into stocks yet. When I got Robux for the second-ish time, I did invest some of it into the Ralph Lauren limited backpacks. At the time, it was a good choice, because the selling price sky-rocketed.

I didn’t notice it was not the wisest investment until the Roblox economy started to do so bad from April 2022 onwards, that people were selling the backpacks for as low as 200 Robux, when it was once selling for almost 1000 Robux.

I still have a few limited items that were purchased around that time, however, I’m holding onto them. Sooner or later, the Roblox economy should improve.

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