What is your favourite ROBLOX Studio Plugin?

Almost every Roblox Developer has used a Roblox Plugin, what is your favourite roblox plugin?

I have quite a few roblox plugins I use on a daily base.


  • Atrazine Terrain Plugin.

  • Tool Gip Editor.

  • Atmos sky editor.

  • Autoscale Night

  • Rojo

  • Data-Store editor.

These are some of my most commonly used and favourite plugins!

(Runner-up: In-command)

What is your favourite roblox plugin?


I don’t use any of those :laughing:

My favourite plug-in is probably Building Tools by F3X or Realism Mod.

Nothing of those too! I used F3X and rounify.

I don’t see much of roundify, you can literally just “UI CORNER” to get the exact same parameters.

This is very agreeable!!!

I love to use 3dText or F3X.

I like the 3dText because of its aspects.

My personal favs is:

F3X Building Tools
Advanced Camera
Interface Tools

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Why do people like 3DText so much, what benefits does it have, do people really use 3DText so often?

It just looks better than 2D text on BillboardUIs

It just looks a lot better because it’s actual text instead of it being flat, it gives it more dimension.

I personally disagree.

Why do you think that, I think the text is fine on roblox, just set the pixels per stud higher, everything then looks more high quality…