What script code do I need to send Google Form results to Discord?

I have used a lot of script codes but nothing really works. I already have the webhook created and followed multiple tutorials. I already created the Google Form. I just need a script code that can send the results to the channel.

Have you tried researching: What did you find?

I have already used this code. But it did not work. I seen someone create a new code in the replies I also used that one. It did work but it didn’t send the message in the channel.

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Sorry, I didn’t see this till now! But yes I did research. I used youtube tutorials that I could find. I don’t know if I did it wrong or the code just didn’t work because all the tutorial scripts were old…

For the ones you tried did you manage to get errors?

Yes, I did get errors on every one.

Can you show me the tutorial you ended up using?

It’s most of these scripts. Even the ones that are recent don’t work

Try the one from 2022. Then is there a way to get errors from google automations?

This is what it says… it also send the same response 2 times in the channel.

So it’s working, but it’s kinda working, can you send all the code here using code tags?

const WEBHOOK_URL = 'https://discord.com/api/webhooks/...'
const COLOUR = 0xFFD400

const form = FormApp.getActiveForm()
const message = form.getItems()[0]

function handleSubmit ({ response }) {
  const content = response.getResponseForItem(message).getResponse()
  UrlFetchApp.fetch(WEBHOOK_URL, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    payload: JSON.stringify({
      content: '',
      embeds: [
          // author: {
          //   name: 'Anonymous',
          //   url: 'https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/.../viewform'
          // },
          description: content,
          color: COLOUR
      allowed_mentions: {
        parse: []

// https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/triggers/installable#managing_triggers_programmatically
 * Creates an installable trigger for when a user responds to the form.
function createSubmitTrigger () {
  // https://developers.google.com/apps-script/reference/script/form-trigger-builder#onformsubmit

Can you put it in code tags please?

I edited the message! Is that better??

anyone there?? i still need help.

Is there any error logs for this?

This is the only one that it’s showing but there might be more

Okay, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

I am trying to get a script code that works for the form to send the response in the discord channel.