What should I make a tutorial on?

I am sure you are all aware of the Cookie Tech youtube channel!

I want to make more tutorials on the channel, if you were to need any tutorials what would you want?


Oh I definitely am! I watch all your videos

Like hmm? Ranking guis for example a gui a rank+ van enter then you can click a button that says search a player and another button that says rank a player inside of the game. If you click this, you will be able to promote, demote, setrank this user. If you do set rank you have to enter the rank id. After you have done it will turn to a screen like with a text called This user has been ranked! You can click return to rank another user and if they click return they will be asked again if in the server or search.


Agreed. (20 chattararragsgsvs )

I watch your videos when I have time to! :sunglasses:

I think you should make a tutorial on a weather system with a cycle, it’s something only a few Youtubers make a vid on.

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Oooooo I like that. (20 char)

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Nice (20 char skcahscjecs)