What should I make?

Greetings people! I am very bored and I have no idea what to do! What should I make? Make sure to add details so I can properly understand your response!


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Heyo! So, you’re a Roblox developer? can you elaborate on your skills? do you script? build? make guis?

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Agree with 25, what should we tell you?

I am a UI designer and I can build decently I am also good at scripting.

You should make a bowling game, where you can play with your friends and have multiplayer games.

Okay. I will make it. I know I won’t make any profit off it so maybe I won’t even include game passes.

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Good idea, you should do that.

You could try to make a decent tycoon game where you have to build an aquarium, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make compared to an FPS game, etc.

I think you should make a game that stands out to other Roblox users! Simulators are currently a big thing within Roblox, so I suggest looking at some simulator games and brainstorm some ideas before you start developing.

It really depends on what the simulator is, I’ve seen a few developers who made great simulators but didn’t really succeed and gain a lot of players.

Clicking games are made with the core mind of milking every piece of robux and play time from an individual users.

I don’t even know how they got the name “Simulator” in the first point .

It’s actually quite difficult to keep players hooked, you need to understand the human brain.