What song is this?

Hey there, I’ve recently been wondering what this song is. Sorry if this is considered spam.


(Credits to buur)

Hello there,

I don’t know what this song is, however I’d highly recommend using Shazam to identify the song. It usually provides the correct results, simply play the audio from your speaker and switch tabs to Shazam, then hit the Shazam button to identify the song.

Hopefully this helps!

Hey @OH20_rbLX,

I have tried Shazam but it wouldn’t work. Is there another way to get it?


I believe this song is Messie by Bengee!

I mean, not the Messi song, the other one. Thanks for the help though.

This sounds similar to the audio you sent, not sure if it’s what you are looking for but hope it helps :smile:

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OMG. You are a legend. Thank you so much!

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