What to do if someone is flagging my DevForum posts?

Hey everyone,

So recently, realized that somebody is contantly flagging some of my replies on the Roblox DevForum. They were not a ToS violation, but I just keep getting ridiculous feedback from the Developer Relations team.

For example, they tell me in the DM, “Feedback - DM instead of reply.” Well, the user who I was replying to asked for replies and about 5 others replied too, and they got the all-green. They didn’t have their posts flagged.

Similarly, I’ve been recieving multiple flagged posts, and some of them were literally answers to questions others had. The DevForum is to help out people, right? Plus, if I DM people with answers, some people just decide to flag it as an advertisement. I’m completely puzzled by this.

Here’s the thing. When appealing to to a flagged post, they always say to message them via email. But I’m not too sure they’ll even respond to my message.

Good night, or day

We all know devforum is using the same software as the cookie tech forums.

Unfortunately the devforum is very tight on restrictions, hence why I made this place, allowing you to converse freely & have an open opinion while still being moderated to adage extent.

I suppose unless you work at the devforum there is not much you can do. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah, it’s unfortunate … but DevForum-related moderation won’t affect my Roblox account in any way, right?

To my knowledge, your roblox account should be safe, if you’ve done nothing severe you should be okay.

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Your DevForum account won’t affect your Roblox account in any way. It’s the other way round, your Roblox account will affect your DevForum account so try your best not to get suspended or terminated on Roblox because then you lose all access to the forums.

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