What type of groups to create on Roblox

Hello there, Cookie Tech!

So, I’d like to start a new Roblox group, but I have no clue what to make! I have a liking for cafes and hotels, but I’d like to branch out!

I’ve recently built a prison, but I’d want to try out other features on the site.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Create what you want to do, maybe a cafe, hotel, restaurant, prison, airport… Hotels are dying, I recommend an airport.

I’ve never thought of that, maybe I could try that! Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not a big fan of airports, they don’t go as well with the genre of development I’m based in.

You could try to make a roleplay group, since I believe prisons and other similar games would fit into that. Or it could just be a community-made group with no specific genre!