What's that one group or game which you wish you could shut down?

Share & care your answers, be brutal. If there was one group or game which your could shutdown who or what would it be?

I would love to here you worst!

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For me, probably brookhaven, the game doesn’t feel that greatly crafted and I don’t feel like the game deservers it’s top place, it’s different for a game like adopt me which has an entire dev team and has actual quality put into it, but I feel like many people could have easily made brookhaven.


Hmm, that’s a hard question … but from past experience I’ve seen that FPS games tend to make people more “violent” when playing any game, it’s also a horrible way to relax because just losing in those brings up rage for no reason, and you’re just casually killing players for fun, this genre also affects mental health in many ways.

Now, that doesn’t include games that make it optional to use guns or weapons, such as ER:LC or Roblox Bedwars, but generally speaking I’ve always tried to stay away from FPS games because I know it can change me in many, unnoticible ways, behavior-wise and mental-wise.

So, with that said, I’d shut down two games which has always been pretty violent — Phantom Forces and Combat Warriors. Let’s be real, killing players with realistic blood in a video game is not right. It just makes one more violent.

I would have probably chosen a different game but FPS games are the main games I always try to stay away from due to my reasons above, hence they are at the top of my shut-down-for-the-better list.

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I would prefer to shutdown many games, but the first one on my list would be almost every “Free Admin” Game. This is because basically one person is in charge. The one who bought all the Game Passes, or the one who joined the game and started spamming cmds first.

I disagree with this

This is not nessecarially the case. Someone who plays these games in moderation will improve their reaction time and hand eye coordination aswell as motor skills and reaction time, something that this and coming generations are going to be lacking with the use of new technology within schools. Also, gaming isnt always a method of relaxation, It’s entertainment and for some people that’s what entertains them.

This is where I agree but disagree at the same time. It can have a negative affect on mental health but this is not the case for everyone. Someone who has self-control can and do enjoy these games within moderation

This I agree with, many people choose to stay away from those games because they know themselves and they know how they would react to it. And I respect this however pushing this narrative onto other people saying it can/would make them more violent.

This I 100% dont agree with. Those two games are the backbone of many new Roblox physics, and not only that. They are a classic that started up a whole new genre of games. This would not just be removing a game rather removing a piece of the Roblox communities history. This would also cause Roblox to loose a community and groups of players who played Roblox for these games

This again is where I disagree, like I’ve stated before it depends on how/when/where you play it and your current mental state. Someone who’s calm & has self control already will be able to control themselfs while playing in moderation and they wouldn’t “rage”. However someone with prevailing anger issues and a lack of self control will most definitely fall into a sort of downhill with their mental health

FPS games are a way for people to socialize and connect with each other from all over the world, it’s a genre that has brought more people together then it has brought them apart . This improves communication

They’re also a form of stress relief for some people and it can improve their mood as fps games are often challenging and require alot of brain work. This is where something else comes in, Problem solving. Not only can FPS games improve problem solving due to the games difficulties like I said before it can improve your fine motor skills, reaction timing and hand-eye coordination. All of these improvements can corelate back to real life.

When we play sports we use: Problem solving, hand eye coordination and reaction time

When we write on paper we use: Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving

When we are having a bad day instead of sitting there and letting our mental health deteriorate we socialize with friends over these games

In the end it’s important to note that like all things, balance is key, and excessive playing of FPS games or any video games can lead to negative effects such as addiction, poor sleep, and poor physical health. So it is crucial to find the right balance and incorporate healthy habits. However I still strongly disagree with your opinion and view on FPS games specifically phantom forces and Combat Warriors. I also feel like there are more games out there that need to be tackled rather than going straight for FPS. As we’ve seen in the last few weeks Roblox has been under heat for games that are borderline and I feel like those should be given attention to instead. At the end of the day I respect your opinion however I feel as if Phantom Forces and Combat Warriors should stay

It looks like you worked very .hard on the above reply :smile: .But what game would you pick?

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Honestly I agree with @cookie . Brookhaven needs to be removed from the platform. I feel theres absolutley no effort put into the game and It’s very poor quality. It takes away from bigger games that were worked hard on


Hmmm. I would say the same thing. Brookhaven is a worse version of Livetopia.


It depends on the person.

I believe that if you’re under the age of 9 or something, yes video games will make you more violent, there is evidence of that, but once you get to a certain level of maturity with these things I wouldn’t consider it a problem.

At the end of the day this parent lies in the hands of the parents & that’s going to be their choice to make, but I believe depending on the age of the child, yes, video games can make them more violent.

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Honestly, horror games. The jump scares and freaky characters — on a kids platform? That’s a bad idea.

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FPS games arent categorized as horror games.
Generally speaking. There arent any jump scares within fps games I think you’re talking about other games like mimic which have them and those aren’t FPS games.

I feel like the main topic of discussion here is not only about general FPS games but about @OH20_rbLX 's opinion on Removing Phantom forces from the platform and Combat Warriors.

I believe that if this was the case then we would have been seeing alot more behavioral problems in the world

Yes I agree that the choice lands in the hands of parents but I dont agree that FPS games can make someone more violent and I dont see that as a reason for a peice of Roblox’s history should be taken away

Do you happen to have anything showing this evidence?

Because as a matter of fact

The new report, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, found that, when bundled together, the studies showed a statistically significant but minuscule positive correlation between gaming and aggression, below the threshold required to count as even a “small effect”.

According to the Guardian:

if a player ends every game slightly more aggressive then, over the long term, that might add up to a meaningful change in temperament. But the study finds no evidence for such an accumulation, and in fact finds evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

There is no reason for people to talk about it so there is going to be a higher chance of incorrect results, like personally I wouldn’t let me kids play any violent shooters until they’re at least 15 & with no blood maybe 13. But the issue is the objective of the game is to kill people.

On paper something like that sounds pretty bad. The more realistic a game, the more realistic the chance of it making you violent.

I find these videos interesting:

While I agree that FPS games are also very beneficial you need to find the correct age, I don’t think under 9 year olds should be playing violent games, under 9 year olds playing violent video games is simply wrong.

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It’s all up to the person playing the games. I respect those opinions. But during COVID-19 many, many young players turned to a variety of new video games including FPS ones. As @cookie mentioned, the main purpose of an FPS game is to kill, I find that off-limits for a platform like Roblox that has such a large, young player base who have been influenced over the years and now play FPS games. Believe me, it upsets me to find that the younger age group is already getting into FPS games and that they’ve been so easily influenced through media in every form. This is really putting the future of these people at risk.

I can’t describe it well enough, but FPS games are influencial in gaming. They always have been. For example, 3-4 years ago Fortnite was a very popular FPS game. Youtubers made videos on gameplay, people are influenced and get obsessed with playing FPS games, and then they spread this influence through peer pressure onto other people. Literally every other student at my school plays FPS games of some sort, and they pressure others into doing the same. Unlike other genres, everyone is taking FPS as a “casual” game when really they completely ignore the actions they are committing in the game.