What's the best way to grow your Roblox group?

Hello, Cookie Tech!

So, I have recently opened a prison on Roblox and I wanted to know the best way to grow the group as I want this to be a perm project of mine.

So, should I sponsor the game when we release to get players, and then hopefully they join the group and apply for a job.


Do I use the group advertisement feature and let the group grow before the game is out.

What do you think?

I look forward to hearing back from you all.

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Advertisements. Most Roblox players won’t click on a sponsored link, as it looks like a scam game (because it’s in the game results page, it will look like a normal game, just with a small ‘Sponsored’ tag)

Advertisements are better as they can be seen on many aspects of the website (like the catalog page or the discover page).

Thanks for the response, I will probably use advertisements when I try and get the group to grow.

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My Group got where it is off of Friends Joining, but it’s hard to get to that point.