What's the hardest thing you have ever done in Roblox?

Hello fellow roblox players!

I have a question: What was the hardest thing you have ever done in roblox?

It could have been in studio finishing it.

Or becoming the highest on the leader board in a game.

I would love to hear, the hardest thing I ever did was probably finishing a game…

In your time being on roblox, what was the hardest thing you have ever done?

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The hardest thing I have ever done is scripting a command since I almost never script. :’)

Oh! Well… unfriending friends in roblox. Must sound a joke, but when I got friends inactive more than 1 year, and I want to friend new people (idk why, I’m all the time unfriending inactive people or people I forgot because I friend any person who is nice). And it’s really hard to me to click the unfriend button…

About a year ago I tried to make an avatar clothing asset. It was very hard for me, and I decided to move on with other things on Roblox and come back to avatar clothing later.

I’m still working on it, but the hardest thing is a department game. It has login, permission levels and many different department functions.

That’s Difficult! You can share up to What you did, I would like to see it!

Not that bad for a first try :slight_smile:

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The most difficult things are dealing with friends that have scripting support issues, messy code is extremely hard to debug, especially remote events that are always talking to each over, that’s confusing and hard, they can take many hours to debug…

This was pretty difficult, it wasn’t the hardest thing, I’ve definitely done harder, but it took some sweet


Woah, that’s awesome Cookie!


What does that mean?

Thats cool- Can you send the plugin code?

I believe Cookie made this as a commission.


I was talking about the cban.