Which blender version is best for GFX?

Hello! I was just wondering, what blender is best for GFXs?

I suggest 2.79. It’s the one with the most YouTube tutorials.

I suggest the latest version, it’s better to stay on the latest version to get high quality results & you don’t want to stay with outdated software - It’s not a good practice

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Just because a version of Blender has the most YouTube :tv: tutorials, doesn’t :x: mean it’s secure. It’s best to use the latest version of Blender (3.1.2 as of writing this post).

Using the latest version provides more security :closed_lock_with_key: and bug fixes :bug: :hammer: so it’s better to use the latest version :slight_smile:

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That’s true.

I don’t use Blender 2.79 as it has the mlst tutorials, I use it as it’s easiest for me.

But, do suggest using the latest version too.

You can install a couple verisons, you can install Blender 2.79 as a .zip and use the .exe file. You can do this for every version if you wanted to

However this doesn’t really have anything to do with the best blender version?