Which device do you use the most?

Hi everyone!

Just a simple questions, what device do you use the most? Not the branding or specs, but in general, a computer, PC, tablet/iPad, etc.

I use my PC the most, although my phone comes close behind.

I mainly use my PC, but I use other devices sometimes

I actually use The ipad more, cause on school and all I got it, but I prefer PC.

Nice, personally I use my iPad more for gaming, but my PC for developing stuff on or off Roblox Studio.

Well I prefer PC but in all the day I use the iPad more, cause my PC is in my home hahs

I tend to use PC & iPad. It seems that most of the roblox platform is now becoming populated with iPad users, I wonder what else will take over next :thinking:

I’m pretty sure consoles could be taking over next, PlayStation and Xbox are improving.

They might not, one of my friends play on Xbox, but it has it’s downfalls.

You can’t chat on Xbox, like, how am I meant to chat with my friends, communicate with them and enjoy the game I am playing.

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sorry for bringing this ancient post alive but i am usually on PC and Phone

I mainly use my PC however if I’m traveling a laptop or my phone would have to do.

I’m most on PC, however I do use my phone every now and then:

Last week I was on a trip so, you can see how I would have been using my phone a lot more.


PC for me but I use my phone a lot

Last week screen time on my phone…

I typically use my Macbook Pro with the touchbar!

i dont think i have a life, i spend 20 hours on my mac per day.

Oh wow … at times, I’m usually very close to that, however on a regular basis I’m usually on my iPad only 3.5 - 4 hours a week.

You could try setting time limits on apps, that’s a thing on iOS that I use to prevent myself from overspending time on an app. For example, for Roblox on my iPad, I have set a 1-hour time limit, after that it will give me a minute or so to shut down the game/app and lock it for the rest of the day. It’s a good habit, and helps you focus on other things too.

Only times when I unlock the app after the limit for the day is reached is when I’m on travel and want to play some extra games for the day.

My PC is around 3-ish hours per day, but this is on my iPad:

That’s pretty good! I should aim for that …