Who inspired you to make roblox games?

Who inspired you to make roblox games?


Personally, Pikachu had inspired me to make Roblox games because I had previously made games but had given up. I had met Pikachu and I had made him a training center for his game, it was enjoyable!
So I am going to keep on going in my developing career; I am now moving onto UI design and somewhat building, I hope to achieve greater things in the future! I really enjoy Roblox studio and will keep on pursuing this opportunity.


I would like to hear your stories next, I wonder how you got yourself involved into Roblox Developing. Thank you for reading! <3

Oh! Actually Simon_Dev inspired me To start!

Cool! Thanks for sharing! ^^

For me, it was simply playing and learning about how games work at first, just by exploring some popular games on the platform. Then I thought, “Why don’t I make my own?”

That is where my adventure all begun.

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Hmmm great answer, not many people start without someone who inspires you!

Exactly! I agree! Anyway, great answer OH!