Who is the most popular person you have met on ROBLOX?

Who is the most popular person that you have met/talked to on ROBLOX? Mine is Jos_hyy (the owner of nova hotels) and some of his friends (I have also just recently met kreekcraft also)




even giving proof


ive met barneyhunter12 on cowcowisempai account, i saw him at frappe


I’ve met lots of people.

  1. FadedPlayz
  2. LcLc

And a few others :sunglasses:


Okay, so I have some really interesting Roblox-based YouTubers I’ve met (in-game, irl is a different story);

  • OMB Gaming - A very popular ER:LC YouTuber who I’ve met in the recent RCA event (Roleplay Community Awards), an event created by KamPlays.

  • ZeDarkAlien - A Roblox YouTuber who has over 111k subscribers and creates some decent videos … a few months back I joined one of his game streams.

  • KreekCraft - I’m sure you all know, he hosts game streams almost daily … I’ve gotten the chance to join him along with a lot of other fans on his investigation of the ExplorerElizabeth “hacker.”

I met these YouTubers from meeting them on Roblox, not on a personal level.


I met AlvinBlox in his game once! He followed me on my account here’s a picture (don’t mind my cringey avatar)

I also met some random star creator, i didn’t get to see his username.


Hmmmm. Hard to say most popular.

I’m friends with postlytiked (owner of roblox bloxstreet/target 1mil group members)

I’m also friends with chizeled. A youtuber with I think over 190k subs

I’m also friends with lisbokate. A youtuber with i think over 200k subs

I’m also friends with helloitsvg a youtuber with i think over 300k subs

I’m also friends with amazeplays a erlc roleplay youtuber (i forgot how many subs he has)

I’m also friends with wyatt aka roscripter. A roblox studio tutorials channel (i forgot how many subs he has)

I’m also friends of Jos_hyy and ieuan. the co owners of nova hotels and mycenter. I met them through mutual friends and sometimes go on stream with them

Its hard to say which one is the most famous though as they all have their own respective fanbases across many platforms

Some of them have me friended on roblox. Others follow & talk with me on twitter or Discord

And I wouldnt say theyre all famous just well acomplished.

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I’m good friends with SimplyDonuts who used to work with keyon.

The biggest person I’ve met is Vurse:


xJos_hy is the owner of nova hotels. Not the co-owner.

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It’s pretty much the same thing, co-owner means to share ownership.

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simon_dev / weltar_dev

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did he work at keyon air?

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I forgot I met him too!!

Not vurse, but simon dev, yes.

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Thats roblox not nova heres proof

Roblox Group ranks generally dont have much to do with where people put themselves. There can only be ONE group owner anyways.

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