Why are there so many 'begging' ads on Roblox?

Hey everyone!

I’ve seen ads on Roblox everyday, and we all have. Every once in a while, there’s a new ad ‘trend,’ meaning the usage of different techniques. Some of these techniques included the ever-infamous clickbaiting, from ‘free Robux’ ads to ‘begging’ ads. But I wanted to create a specific post about why ‘begging’ ads is constantly a never-ending trend and advertisement “technique” people still use to this date.

Now, personally, I believe begging is wrong. One should try to earn rather than constantly plead to other people. For example, games such as “PLS Donate” are literally encouraging people to beg. Don’t get asking and begging for Robux mixed up, however.

I believe that people tend to use this advertisement technique often, because it isn’t really violating Roblox’s Terms of Use and Community Standards, in some way.

But I have a feeling there is something more to this, and I’d like to hear your opinions.

Couldn’t add this in because it will disorganize my post format, but here’s an example of a ‘begging’ ad. Of course, there are other ads that clearly beg people to join a group or game, too;

When I keep seeing the same ad begging me to join something, it’s honestly just reminding me how bad advertisement techniques have become on Roblox.

I say to those: “no talk Roblox ads, y’all bypassed your ad anyway”

omg plss join my group i spent all my birthday money on this!!

thats an example.

Yeah, and I’ve seen a lot of those ads for the past year … those kinds of ads are really annoying.

Yeah thats wayy too annoying. I wonder who started that trend.

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tiny bouncy jump park did…

Not necessarily, it’s been happening since wayyyyyyyyyy before Tiny, I’ve been seeing these ads since 2016.

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I feel like begging ones, get more clicks, then others, and Users want more Clicks to Advertise their Target.

First of all, PLS Donate is way different then these annoying ads. PLS Donate is where you can donate money or whatever I don’t care but for the fact that these ads are begging for followers just for some useless virtual blue mark shit is fucking retarded. Sure, there are other begging ads that want you to join a game such as we have pets and blah blah blah aren’t that annoying to me but the fact that there are a lot ads of 'I need 10k followers plz follow and spamming it on the game page is just simply annoying

Here are the images I found about this shit.

I think those ads ruin the asthetic and a better technique is use unique colors like brigh pink to get peoples attention not edited memes begging etc. I really dont like the system that people who pay more get more priority and think it shouls be the campain lasts longer the more you put in otherwise the only way to profit from ads is to splurge 30000 robux.

what is that???

its really annoying but way more annoying are the Bot messages like “OMG I JUST GOT 100K ROBUX IN THIS GAME! IM SHARING THIS SO YOU CAN GET THEM TOO! JOIN NOW: [A Scam Link here]” or “THIS IS AN OFFICIAL MESSAGE OF ROBLOX.”.