Why do a lot of clickbait YouTubers get star codes?

Hi. I feel like this NEEDED to be brung up.

A variety of YouTubers such as:

Lankybox, Poke

It’s just so weird. I feel like this is related to where Pet Simulator X made this plushie which you can get an in game pet for, and for those of you who aren’t aware, that is against the TOS.

The only reason they aren’t banned is because it makes them money. It’s kind of related to the clickbaiters because it makes them money, your good.

If I was to upload a third party sale right now, I would get banned very fast.

What are your thoughts on it? I’m very curious.

Ok, this is how I feel about that statement.

I think that the above statement is the one of truest things ever. I mean tbh PSX does not look fun, but when Preston turns it into a competition, people will do anything to purchase the toys. I feel for purchasing a huge dragon because I wanted to impress my friends. (btw I named her Riva and she is the softest thing ever, so no regrets about that.) I feel like Roblox should at least warn Preston. It’s not really right at all.

So, Yeah. That was my small speech @Joshua.



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