Why does Microsoft buy companies?

Hey everyone!

Today, I thought I would explain to you why Microsoft, a tech giant, bought and continues to buy so many companies.

As we know, Microsoft purchased major brands such as Skype, Mojang Studios, etc.

When a company buys another company, the one who bought it now manages the entire thing. Therefore, any money earned from then onwards would go to to Microsoft.

So far, though, they haven’t earned more than what they purchased Mojang for back in 2014. However, I’m pretty certain Skype isn’t generating a whole lot of revenue for Microsoft either.

Do you think Microsoft should continue to make these massive investments? Let me know below!

Well, despite the fact they are so rich losing some millions equals losing 1 dollar, it’s not a bad investment, but they’re losing money for sure

Mojang Studios does make their own stuff, but legally, they’re under ownership of Microsoft.