Why does verifying my age on roblox make me feel uncomfortable?

Ok, so I’ve noticed I now have this option.

So me being me, since I have roblox beta want to unlock all the “things” as I’m 13+ and want to verify my age, clicks on it.

And I’m faced with this…

Now, I want to verify later tonight.

But if you read it it states prepare a valid ID, Driver’s License, Passport, ID card, Residence Permit.

And fundly enough, the only thing that I have that’s really suitable is a Passport.

So now I need to consider whether I should verify my age using my passport.

So My final question:

Should I verify my age on roblox USING MY PASSPORT?
  • Yes
  • No

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I would also love to hear your opinion down below,

@cookie :cookie:

Well if you’re below 18 then that’s basically your best option …

In Canada you don’t get a drivers license until you’re 18.

Same here, here you don’t get a license before you pass the driving test.

Hmm… To be honest that’s a little bit suspicious by roblox, I feel like they would just slowly start taking money away from your account.

No, that would be illegal to do in some cases. Roblox cannot do that.

I know, it just seems suspicious of roblox,

They can’t do that, it can also be tracked by merchant ID.