Why was the Minecraft Warden delayed?

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Today, I’ll be here telling you why the Minecraft warden mob was delayed ever since the 1.17 update in June 2021. But first, we will need to know the background story of this mob.

What is 'the Warden?'
To answer that, the Warden is a new Minecraft mob that was planned to live within the Deep Dark biome, a place deep underground and pitch dark, within the Overworld. It is currently the second-most powerful mob in the game, beating the Wither but not the Ender Dragon. It is also the tallest mob, exceeding the hight of the Enderman mob.

The Minecraft warden mob animation (idle)
Source: Minecraft Wiki

The main developer behind the creation of the Warden and the Deep Dark biome, known as @kingbdogz on Twitter, has taken feedback and answered several questions about this mob ever since the Minecraft Live 2020 event on YouTube took place.

What is so special about this mob?
This mob is unlike any other hostile mob in the entire game, and has completely different functions that the rest of the mobs do not have. Let me list the key features below;

  • The Warden was never meant to be killed, it’s meant to make you flee. As Mojang Studios has stated in their recent beta changelogs, “The Warden will strike fear in the hearts of even the most bravest of players.”

(Another fact related to this, I believe kingbdogz or someone else tweeted something like, “When you see a tornado, you run away, not run towards it!” This is exactly what the developers behind the Warden mob are trying to do, make this mob a disaster rather than something you can easily kill).

  • The Warden has the ability to sense movement and smell players. Yes, you heard me correct, the Warden can smell players nearby, which makes the Warden very unique and unlike other mobs in the game.

  • The Warden can stop you from pillaring up on towers to save youselves. This has been a strategy since Minecraft alpha, just tower up and bow mobs down below. However, the developers are still working on making the Warden stop you from doing this.

Why was the Warden delayed?
The developers knew that the Warden needed improvements, as well as it’s own natural environment. So, they delayed the Warden until 1.18, and then to 1.19 (coming soon this year), but for good reason.

During the Minecraft Live 2021 event on YouTube, we got huge sneak peaks of the Warden’s own city, the Ancient Cities as they call it, and the Deep Dark biome, as well as content for the upcoming update this year!

Mojang Studios is constantly trying to make the Warden the best, most powerful mob yet, and so far their progress has been going really well. Soon, this mob will be released in the Wild Update (1.19) along with frogs, tadpoles, mangrove tress, mangrove swamps, and the Allay, which was the winner for last year’s mob vote.

So, with this conclusion, I believe the Warden was delayed for good reason, and fear will once again arise from the depths of the Overworld.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, even if you don’t play the game! I love dedicating my time to inform you about interesting things happening in the developing metaverse.



Wow! I didn’t know about this mob. It sounds really exciting, hope to see it soon!

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