Wiki Editor Badge

How do you get the Wiki Editor Badge but I don’t know how to get it. Does anyone know how to get it?

I have no clue actually! Only our owner and a Moderator has it! If I find out more information I will let you know!

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Pretty sure you have to edit this post to gain the badge!


Indeed you do! This is a nice badge to go and earn for you all!!

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Staff can setup wikis:


Can we now??
I’m looking forward to this!!!

I should remove that topic as it was really just a test, we have no sue for a wiki just yet.


Omg, Cookie just removed the post right when I went to the post lol

Lol. It was removed about 5 minutes ago I believe.

The badge is meant to be rare, so you have to get it while you still can!

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Not rare, just something that should be earned.

Not something that should come from a test post. :wink:

Oreo got his from a test post and might even release a Wiki Badge soon, who knows :eyes:

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