Will RoScripter come back?

who thinks roscripter well ever come back on youtube

Hm. I don’t think so. Since he posted the last video like 3 months ago, but it stream.

I doubt it, he’s very on & off, most of his audience would have :cloud:.

I know @25swrld is quite informed on the situation so he’s a good person to ask.

Wyatt and I go back many years. This year we’ve both been busy wkth highschool. For wyatt, he’ll be applying to colleges next year so this year is a busy one for both of us. He does pop in once in a while but right now its just a really busy time.


He is online every now and then, he just doesn’t have enough time to do anything.

RoScripter has done this before, in 2020 for about a year, wonder if this is the same type of thing.

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Actually - yes.

I’m friends with RoScripter, and he definitely wants to come back to YouTube, he had some personal stuff happening.

But how has his community been changed by his change, their is a lot of change after 2 years of barely posting.

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2020 it was alot of burnout however this year like I said is important for the both of us because this is the year that will impact colleges views of us. Especially wyatt. This year we just need to focus on school. There isnt much personal stuff outside of school happening though.

I wonder is he going to do live scripting again but I also don’t think he ever going to make a newly updated ranking bot because that requires a VPS server now