Winter Activity Competition 2022 - Winners

As we near the end of winter and this year, I would like to congratulate all who participated in the Cookie Tech winter activity competition. It’s been a wild ride full of excitement, fun, and nerves. :christmas_tree:

I’m excited to reward the winners and thank everyone for an amazing 2022 at Cookie Tech. :partying_face:

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating the following:

First place, winning R$4000, goes to...


Congratulations to @cam, who is not only a hardworking staff member but also a close friend of mine. I’d like to thank him for his contributions and, as a token of our appreciation, Cookie Tech will be awarding him with 4000 :robux:.

In second place, winning six years of RankGun elite, is...


Congratulations to @HayHay for coming in second place. It was a tough competition, but I’m glad we can still reward him for his fantastic efforts.

In third place, winning six months of RankGun elite, is...


I know @25swrld has had a lot going on in the past few months, but he continues to thrive and provide me with helpful tips even in a new environment. Thank you so much, 25!

For many, Christmas holds a special place in their hearts, and for me, winter brings happy nostalgia. I would like to thank everyone at Cookie Tech for making my 2022 special, and even if you didn’t win something, I’d like to congratulate all of you for being incredible members of our community and for being kind to those around you.

My new year speech will be coming soon. Thank you for spending Christmas with us, and goodbye for now.

Evidence of all prizes will be sent here and winners should expect a DM. :wave:

Congratulations to winners!!!

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys.


Congratulations @cam @HayHay and @25swrld!

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Congratulations, enjoy this!

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Evidence is now being processed, it may be the waiting game now!

Would you like me to…
  • Edit this topic to post the evidence.
  • Lock the topic and post the evidence as replies

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Evidence for 2nd place:

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Evidence for 1st place:


Congratulations to the winners! You all did well. :tada:

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