Wiped blog posts?

Recently, ROBLOX players have began noticing that all blog articles, prior to 2021, have been removed. This is a big deal, as these contained lots of events, information - and most importantly; memories. Lots of players have had mixed responses to this, but where do you stand?

Personally, I think this was a bit overkill on Roblox’s part. This could contain serious information regarding various topics, as well as showcase memories that players value dearly.

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Agreed, for the “memories” we have erik.cassel, the cofounder of roblox that sadly lost his battle with cancer.

I’ve seen a Few YouTubers Post About this, they don’t seem too happy…

This is weird. There was no reason to do this, unless they’ve planned something big.

They could be simply doing this for storage reasons, I guess. :man_shrugging:

Haha, unlikely, text barely takes any space in a database & even if it was a lot (70 gb) it would cost $10 a month to sit somewhere.

Make this is related to the rebranding? A good idea is using the waybackmachine and looking at the blog site, then you can read some of the old blogs.

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I think they are trying to cover their History, they don’t like it.

What’s not to like about blog? Roblox controls everything they post, delete a couple of posts, that’s understandable, but wipe the entire thing-. That’s a stretch…


Yeah, they can Edit Posts, Old Events were fun to read.

I don’t know why they would ever do this. It’s just removing all history and putting YouTubers like SharkBlox in danger of losing their YouTube channel.

Why is sharkblox gravely affected by this?

So much history, this isn’t even the 25th page.

How does that affect sharkblox, the content is still there?

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He can’t make much more as all of it is wiped.

Yeh, he can’t make anything from the past that relies solely on the blog, but I thought he was more news, so I’m not sure if that’s the greatest issue.

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I don’t like this either.