Would Roblox take action if a game is copied outside the platform?

I wanted to ask has re-appeared in my mind. Imagine if Jailbreak wasn’t as popular but another game company saw the game and managed to take all the logos, uis and the idea as well onto another platform such as Steam but with Human Characters. Would Roblox have permission to take the game down if it’s popular enough?

Let me know your thoughts on this and also how far Roblox would take it if the game is average to above average.

It would make sense if the idea is not from Roblox but all the images and designs are created by a Roblox User


I honestly don’t know. However, there are a lot of Among Us copies on Roblox and none of them disappeared, so I am guessing the answer is no.

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Yeah but Jailbreak for example has they copyright. I think roblox would do nothing, but Jailbreak owners, I think they could make it come down.

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I honestly don’t know about that. But it can be an option too!

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No, Roblox cannot take down Jailbreak if this was the case because first of all many users on the platform will leave Roblox if that happens, which will hurt thier community, and second I do not think Roblox can just randomly take down a game which has an actual copyright license.

I think that they are saying if someone copied Jailbreak.

Dude read what I said lol! What if someone copied jailbreak…

You said Jailbreak has copyright ^