Wrong location - 2 Step Verification - Roblox

I was trying to log in while I’m in georgia… why does it say it say someone tried to log in from alabama???

It’s expired, btw.

Do you have iCloud Private Relay on or a VPN?

No. I do not bc im poor

Well, if not then it might mean that someone knows your password and tried to log in?

but it sent as i was trying to log in…

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and i am in georgia.

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I’ve seen this issue becoming more common, two of my friends had this issue recently.

Oh, ok. Any idea why this happens?

Either somebody has actually hacked into your account and you need to change your password straight away, or it could simply be a bug.

Safest option is to change your password and if you have an authenticator app to regenerate the backup codes. :slight_smile:

I’ve changed it 10 times in the last month :grimacing:
I had that new banner thing that said “keep your account safe!” i am very scared for all of my limiteds and robux.

Can you please send me that banner?


Hey was your account ok now?

i think nothing to worry. im located in Upper Austria and its showing me like im in Vienna. I think you should not worry.

It’s best to use an authenticator like Google Authenticator. You can lock it and it’s secure by using codes that don’t get sent to your email, confusing you.

I suggest you use Microsoft Authenticator, it can be backed up easily and its really easy to use.

Same for me, I live in Scotland but it shows London, England.