@yelnatsz | 2023-2024 Portfolio

:wave: Hey there, my name is @anon19601793, a fully dedicate ROBLOX developer and Graphics Designer.

What I’m working on…

Currently, I am hired as a Junior Developer by a ROBLOX group called Shakiez Bakery.

I am also working on relaunching V.1 if my ROBLOX Juice Bar, Venuste.

Whilst I am also working on my games studio; Sofa Studio’s .

My work…


More coming soon…


I am open for commissions, just DM me on the forums and we can take things further! Pricing depends on what you want.

:warning: This portfolio is still in development. :warning:

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working on portaLITE :wink:

I’ve been needing an icon (or thumbnail) for a game. How much would you be charging for a commission?: I may be willing to do an offer. In the case of that, I would probably add you to the team create. Though, I only have 217 robux, so I wouldn’t be able to pay too much. The game, I’m calling The Communal Obby, is a wacky, unconventional obby that I’ve been putting together for a while with the idea that all stages people submitted would be added (unless they broke the tos or some other factors), a sort of group project, which most of the submitters were involved with the “hard obby” scene. (If anyone who happens to see this is interested, I’m still happily accepting any submissions from builders while I work on it) Thanx!

Sure, DM me on the forums.

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