Your mesh has too many triangles - Fix for blender 2022


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For those that use blender some of you will have an alert when importing your model, for example:


Luckily there is a fairly easy fix for this within Blender.

Preparing your model

First make sure you have your model ready, for example I have this monkey:


Make sure that you have your model selected.


“Simplifying” your model

We’re now ready to, as I like to say, “simplify” this model, this will reduce the number of triangles for the models meaning we can import it to roblox. Keep in mind this will reduce the quality of your model & it may not work for all use cases.

Head to the :wrench: modifiers tab.

Once you’re ready click on “Add Modifier”, then proceed to add the Decimate modifier.


Finally, you should drag the “Ratio” slider to the position of your choice, it will reduce the quality of your model as shown in the video down below:


Once you’ve completed this adjust and export to roblox, if you’ve done everything correctly you should be ready to continue modelling!


I still have the alert!:

It could be that you haven’t lowered the Ratio enough, use the limit vs how many triangles you have to calculate a sufficient decrease, if this still doesn’t satisfy your issue, it could be that your model is too large, try exporting parts of the model and rebuilding them in blender.

In addition to this it’s always good practice to make sure you don’t have too many subdivisions.


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