YouTube - Updated interfaces?

Hey everyone!

This has been the case for roughly a month now, however nobody covered a topic about the updated YouTube interface and I believe it’s worth sharing with the Cookie Tech community. :smile:

Over the past few weeks, YouTube has been improving the interface design, from curved corners to the new “ambient mode” feature.

Here’s an example of how videos use the new “curve” design in the bottom section of each video, notice the curves that I pointed out in this image below;

This curved design was added to YouTube a few weeks ago, however more recently, YouTube has added a new feature known as “ambient mode,” which takes watching from a non-fullscreen perspective to another level.

Ambient mode tries to make a video seem more “ambient” when you have dark theme enabled by applying a slight gradient to the sides of the video frame that reflects the color of what’s being shown on-screen.

For example, in this image below, you can see how there is a gradient applied to the sides in accordance with what’e being shown on-screen (covered the video so you focus on the gradient aspect)

As you can see, this gradient here is only applied to the top-left corner in accordance to the color of what’s being shown on the video in that specific corner.

In my opinion, these are pretty good and noticable changes, however I just don’t like how the description section of each video is curved as it doesn’t seem too natural.

What are your opinions on YouTube’s updated interfaces? Let me know below!

I see other platforms using this strange extra padding, such as discord!


I think it’s a physiological trick in order to get you to focus on the core things, it’s hard to get used to it as humans don’t like change, but after a month or so of having it, I couldn’t care much.


I don’t hate the Youtube nor the Discord ones, I feel it gives more of a Modern Feel.

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This is quite controversial in my opinion to be honest I prefer the old one. I do like uis being rounded and all but I don’t think this fits youtube.

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Love it or hate it. I quite like it.

I agree, I feel like making UI’s too rounded are becoming common practice.


Yes, it’s becoming quite common … wonder if the trend will soon transition to triangle corners in future.