A really bad update, against ToS? (Maple Hospital)

Maple Hospital is a very popular game on roblox. It allows you to have realistic roleplays from within the game.

Toady this game has released an update & it is one of the worst ways you could ever make an update to your change, especially for sensitive subjects like this.


Apparently, they have made a “cancer” update.

To make it even worse take a look at this:

“Cancer update is out”, there has been major backlash in their group wall & it’s not looking good for them.

From my personal view they should just remove this because you can’t make this seem to be a regular update. This is already such a sensitive subject.

Now they came out with this:

Personally, I think this was a bad apology, they didn’t even apologise for how they announced the update and personally I think this is so sensitive they should just undo it.

What are your views on it?

Do you think actions should be taken against them by Roblox?


Alright, so these developers may have been good-intentioned, but they did a horrible job wording their sayings.

This is such a bad way to push out an update about a disease that’s taken the lives of millions, these developers don’t know how to word their sentences in an appropriate manner.

The apology isn’t even a proper apology, they make it seem as if they’re some politician who makes an “apology,” claims this is controversial to “some” when it’s literally 90% of group members, and then ends it off with the benifits of playing their game.


This is extremely inappropriate behavior. I’ve lost a loved one long ago to cancer.

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It’s a bit disappointing, something like this could also kill out your game.

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I used to find this game really fun, but with whoever made that last announcement, I’m honestly just disappointed. The apology isn’t really one as they just say that it may have been controversial to some and continues to give their own opinion on the matter, instead of just going ahead and taking responsibility for how their actions may have harmed players.


Wow, a verdict from a game player, this game must have been big, because I’ve never heard it and when I went to the group, I saw I was in it, there was certainly outrage in the group wall.


Oof, I kind of don’t like this update, just use an awareness channel in discord?

I swear to god Maple Hospital, if you release an update to do with another life-threatening illness, I will report you to roblox.

Think about how people will react to updates, If I owned this game, I would fire the person that thought of this.

This is highly uncool Maple Hospital.

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