A way to stop roblox hackers - Arsenal

Let’s be real - Games are ruined when hackers come and use their terrible tools to cheat and win the game.

The update in question is related the highly popular roblox FPS game - Arsenal.

Now the update that is in question is called “Premium Servers”. Now this name is a bit confusing as Roblox Premium is a service that you must pay for to get access so it seems that this may be a paid feature.

If you join Arsenal you may see this new button called “Premium Servers”

This is quite a smart idea and must be based on a certain amount of statistics:

  • Kills
  • Hours Played
  • Arsenal Level

I think this is a quite clever way to counter the major exploiting problem, I mean some dedicated hackers will still try to get into these servers, but the solution is going to be quite substantial.

This adds more pressure to Roblox Hackers that haven’t already came from Roblox acquiring Byfron. We all hate hackers and I believe this was way overdue.

Hopefully we see more games adopt this feature in the near future.

Nice on Arsenal!


Lets be honest here:

This is one of the first big updates arsenal has made.
The youtuber TanqR moved on from arsenal to bedwars because
the devs said they weren’t going to update it anymore…

(TanqR’s channel: TanqR - YouTube)
I’m really surprised they finally decided to give it a major update.
It urgently needed one because it’s fanbase was dying as a bigger amount of hackers found ways to bypass the anti cheat.

In conclusion, Big W to the Arsenal devs. lol

I’m going to give a controversial opinion, I don’t like TanQR. I feel as if he just gives off a bad influence, when he’s playing I constantly feel as if he’s being to as what players refer to as “being toxic”.

Like laughing and just giving off an attitude that I feel like other players try to give off in bedwars that is something you don’t want to experience.

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I honestly would agree. His content in my opinion is cool and all, but if I was placed in a position where he would call me like a:

“Bro sucks so much.”

Yeh, I would probably be pretty upset.


I know some games and studios have already adopted this technique on Roblox, but they make the mistake of not disclosing the requirements. Arsenal changes that by disclosing the requirements and making it harder for hackers to get the right requirements … it’s almost like a guessing game.

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I’m thinking of a game, ERLC, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ERLC hacker once in my life. They have 6.2k visits and seem to never have any hackers.


Yes, they must have a pretty good anti-cheat system. I’ve only encountered one hacker and that was almost a year ago.

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I know some ways to glitch into restricted buildings such as spamming your gun to get into the bank without starting a robbery, but they patched that pretty fast.