No more roblox hackers?

Hey everyone! :wave:

If you’ve been on the platform for a large time you may know that hackers are a major issue on the platform.

If you ever tried taking a game seriously more times then not you’ll end up with a hacker, this often leaves developers make there own low quality anti cheat system even though this is almost entirely Roblox’s job.

Recently roblox acquired Byfron, an anti hack company that protects some of the world leading games such as Valoranf, Apex and Fortnite.

So you think roblox made the best choice here or so you hunk they should handle other issues?


As it may sound nice. 3dsboy08 will always be able to bypass it sadly.
Oh yeah and fortnite and valorant + apex have been bypassed.

Wish roblox could be smarter. Its like they dont have brains.

I heard of this from KreekCraft earlier … in my opinion, this is a really good move by Roblox. This will allow the platform to have far less hackers that plague the platform, and it will also allow games to avoid the effort of having to create time-consuming anti-cheat systems.