Activity Competition PSA - 2022

Writing Futile Topics & Replies

Greetings Members of the Cookie Tech community!

I hope you’re all enjoying your Holiday.

As you all know Cookie Tech is currently hosting our Activity Competition. We host many competitions every year. It’s a chance for us to give back to the community aswell as hear new information as to stuff that’s happening in the Roblox & Technology industry.

Recently there have been multiple Strings of Futile/Off topic posts created by some members of our community.

I’d Like to remind you that all posts created on the Forums should be in relation to Roblox, Technology and design, Scripting and Coding & General Development.

I’d also like to remind you all to use the appropriate category whenever you’re creating topics.

As I have stated a couple of months ago, attempting to rig this activity competition by sharing accounts/Creating spam & off topic posts. And creating inappropriate posts are not allowed.

And since we’ve seen it happen here recently I’d like to inform you that any new accounts dedicated to rigging this competition will be terminated from out platform.

For more information about our moderation policies please refer to our Public Moderation Handbook

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like spam & rudeness. So let’s keep everything tidy!

Happy writing & reading everyone!

Managing Director,
Cookie Tech.

This message is a public service announcement from the Cookie Tech leadership team