Anti Exploits & Exploits what do you think about them?

Anti Exploits & Exploits what do you think about them?

What do you guys think about Anti Exploits, Exploits? In my opinion, I think that anti exploits are interesting to see what type of exploits they can block I also think exploits are interesting to see what they can do and what can block them.

What do you guys think? post it!

Do you make anti exploits?
  • Yes, I’m an anti-exploit engineer!
  • No, I do not make anti exploits.

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Do you use exploits If you do what intentions is it for?
  • I do not use exploits
  • I use exploits to patch them
  • I use exploits to annoy games

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I posted this originally on the Roblox dev forum lol

Here’s why I say your anti exploit is not the best, this is why most “anti-exploit engineers” don’t have any good way of detecting hacks.

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I use exploits to patch them

I don’t recommend you use exploits to patch them, it’s still against the rules even if your trying to patch them, hacking could actually be an illegal crime.

It’s not an intelligent move.

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Nobody “hacks” In Roblox, Its just “exploiting” those users who fly in games those are “exploiters”, hacking & exploiting ARE VERY VERY DIFFERENT hacking is illegal, and exploiting ISNT illegal & it’s just againts the ToS.

you can’t detect hacks? thought you detect exploits. I have my own anti-exploit (on sale) which is very advanced and fully server-sided check it here

Anti-exploits aren’t good, there will be a loophole , on every one of it. The best, the worst, they still will have a way of being disabled, since they run on one script.

An exploiter could type

game.Workspace.AntiExploit.Disabled = true

Or just delete it altogether.


Do you know whats a serversided anti exploit? a serversided anti exploit is an anti exploit that runs on the server making it hardly bypassable (unless badly written) & undeleteable/spoofable/undisableable, etc

Big anti exploits require all scripts within your games to be in folders so the anti exploit knows when a script has been inserted, same with the ReplicatedStorage, all events have to be in folders so the scripts can detect if something is being inserted via the executor.

Omg some people don’t know anything…

I’m going to disagree with you.

“Exploiting” is a fancy word used by people used as another word for “hacking”.

It’s most likely going to be terrible, I’ve gone over why this may be multiple times.

Most anti exploits suck.

A server side exploit is only possible when something directly has access to the server.

Alright, so the hacker just puts the script in the file which is “authorized” or they just bypass it.

Before we dive deeper into this situation, take a look at this:


Exploits are another thing players often like to know about to help them beat a game. These are not cheats, which are intentionally coded into the game, or hacks, which are clever ways of playing the game, but ways of exploiting bugs or oversights in the game’s design to make things easier on yourself. If for example you find a weird thing in a game that allows you to get more coins or ammo when logically you shouldn’t be able to, using that to boost your resources is using an exploit.

Using exploits is seen as the same as cheating, because you are playing the game in a way it isn’t supposed to be used, but it can also be a good way to get past the ‘grindy’, less challenging parts in things like RPGs. Exploits are usually discovered by players themselves and posted online.

As you can see, there are subtle differences between the different ways of cheating at a game, but all of them can make playing easier.

Source: What’s the Difference Between a Cheat, a Hack and an Exploit? - That VideoGame Blog

Now, hacking is when you bypass a certain security rule in order to perform specific actions. Hacking could be executing scripts into your roblox client, your bypassing security features in order to perform tasks.

My evidence:

As in: What is the difference between exploit and hack? : roblox (

Definition of hacking:

To better describe hacking, one needs to first understand hackers. One can easily assume them to be intelligent and highly skilled in computers. In fact, breaking a security system requires more intelligence and expertise than actually creating one. There are no hard and fast rules whereby we can categorize hackers into neat compartments. However, in general computer parlance, we call them white hats, black hats and grey hats. White hat professionals hack to check their own security systems to make it more hack-proof. In most cases, they are part of the same organisation. Black hat hackers hack to take control over the system for personal gains. They can destroy, steal or even prevent authorized users from accessing the system. They do this by finding loopholes and weaknesses in the system. Some computer experts call them crackers instead of hackers. Grey hat hackers comprise curious people who have just about enough computer language skills to enable them to hack a system to locate potential loopholes in the network security system. Grey hats differ from black hats in the sense that the former notify the admin of the network system about the weaknesses discovered in the system, whereas the latter is only looking for personal gains. All kinds of hacking are considered illegal barring the work done by white hat hackers.

As provided: What is Hacking? Definition of Hacking, Hacking Meaning - The Economic Times (

In my opinion exploiting is exploiting a feature in the game. For example there is a bug where you can spam “x” 20 times in order to get 20 coins due to the bug in the Easter competition.

Hacking is when you bypass security implementations, for example you can hack on the server, or on the client, it doesn’t matter where you hack, hacking is when you bypass security features.

Hacking is ilegal: HACKING IS ILLEGAL…READ THIS BEFORE YOU HACK OR IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HACKED :: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer General Discussions (

This is call of duty, imagine call of duty is on roblox, people hack on the client in call of duty to make themselves fly.

Same thing can be done on roblox, which will still link to the term “hacking”.

Quora posts: (4) Is hacking a game illegal? - Quora

No matter what hacking or as it seems it has evolved to be called “exploiting” is against roblox tos & against the law, therefore I would highly recommend you don’t condone hacking & don’t take the risk.

I use roblox physics to detect forsay the speed of a user going

I get the first position of a player and after a second I compare it with the current one and boom if its to large i know there exploiting, Please know how to make anti exploits before saying that

Aha, I see where you come from.

Take a look at this post though:

Why? here’s an example of a speed detection


local lastPos = player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame

    local currentPosition = player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
    local magnitude = (lastPos - currentPosition).Magnitude

   if magnitude >= player.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed + 3 then
       -- exploiter detected

--fully on the server.

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I don’t use humanoid.Running lol… ?

No, you use a task.delay, which is always running which means it may be running unnecessarily which may be causing lag.

I use this methods for months now, 0 false positives, 0 lag.

(btw the example i sent is bad because it also counts the Y axis, thats why i said its an EXAMPLE)

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Alright, besides the conversation of whether hacking & exploiting are the same things. I would still highly recommend not trying to test exploits to patch them, remember rules are rules.

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You probably haven’t had a lot of people exploit, or never had people do something that could be counted as it. Cookie is right, there is no good anti-exploit.