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:microscope: In-Depth Search Features

Using our audio search engine, you can easily sort by tags or search for your favorite artist!

:fire: High-Quality, Functional Audios!

Easily find high-quality, working Roblox audios for anything you need! We test our audios regularly, so we can ensure each and every one works.

:star2: Large Audio Database!

We have hundreds of audios within our database! We also update and add new audios frequently to provide YOU with better audios.

:clipboard: Privacy is our Priority

Unlike our largest competitor, we don’t collect your personal information to sell to advertisers. We keep privacy choices totally clear, like the quality of our audios!

Did I mention that it is completely free?

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Woah, amazing product. How is this is free? Keep it up!

Thanks! It’s free thanks to our extremely dedicated team and head developer, which volunteers his time and dedicated money to help keep the service avaliable and a superior alternative to our competitors, especially considering we don’t sell much data, other than simple statistics, with advertisers (which isn’t as good for us, we could be making money from Google ads but those are absolutely terrible with privacy and that matters more than profitability.)

Hi, what’s the point of using this over the roblox audio library?

Heyo, Noah! There are many benefits to using our service, including the fact that there are more polished tags for searching, our service is a lot more straightforward to use than the Roblox audio catalog, and the fact that we preview all of the audios before they go onto our website, meaning you can count on the fact that they are high quality. Thanks for asking this question, I’m glad I could clarify! :slight_smile:

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Personally I think the ROBLOX audio library is more straightforward and intuitive.

ROBLOX’s is much more polished, I’ve never had a quality problem and ROBLOX also doesn’t promote “Explicit” audios. :melting_face:

I just don’t see how as a developer I would be benefitted by being restricted to 640 songs when I could just browse the Roblox library for all the songs I need without being restricted.

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We at audioFindr do not promote explicit audios, but we believe that people should have freedom when it comes to choosing their audio IDs. Also, the Roblox audio ID is fine, if you know the right ways to find things. Our website simply compiles it in a way easy to use for everyone. We also get a lot of people that do say things like this (below), so there definitely is a purpose.

Okay, but I’m just mentioning as a site were mostly kids roam I find it slightly concerning that these are some of the audios you publicly list for people and realistically the only people in the market for these audios are people who are using this maliciously.

As stated in our Terms of Service, we require all of our users to be at least 13 years of age, or have parental permission to use the website. And I would hope that these aren’t being used for malicious reasons.

(Most of the explicit audios are typically just played in games specifically intended for that purpose.)

Amazing!!! wow

Thank you! My team puts a lot of work into it. I suggest joining our Discord server if you enjoy our service, there is exclusive content and more!

Agree with Noah on this one, the ROBLOX Audio library is more straightforward and only displays audios that haven’t been removed.

Why should I choose this?

May I ask why its appropriate for a Music Finding Service collects your IP address?

  • IP Address: We collect your IP address when you submit a form. We collect this data for the sole purposes of preventing fraudulent submissions and improving our service.

I don’t see the reason for this. Services like Spotify don’t even do that.

(legal privacy documents: here)


Heyo! Our intention is not only to assist developers with finding audio IDs for usage in their game, but also for the community of audio enthusiasts on Roblox, which is quite large and this is the only website that looks to provide high-quality audio IDs for these people specifically, catering to their needs. (Apologies for the delayed response)

Your response has nothing to do with Why you collect the IPS.

(they replied to another post)

But yes, they started typing ages ago and just stooped.

All websites have access to and most collect your Internet Protocol address. Spotify definitely does collect your IP address and logs a lot more information that we do, considering we only have ads that follow strict privacy guidelines.

Because we need to have the necessary information to restrict abusers’ usage to our website, we do collect this information.

I’ve just responded, apologies. I am on a free hotel internet connection so speeds are not the fastest.

Why is this needed for a website like this? What can people abuse?