Back to school Activity Competition - 2022 - R$2000 Robux Prize

Back to school Activity Competition - 2022

!Hiiiiiiiii :wave:

It’s been a while since our last activity competition.

It’s been a fantastic summer holidays with a lot of fun and posting, development and excellent user creations. :building_construction:

We’ve decided to give back to the community with some rewards, anybody can enter (learn more here).

We hope to have a fantastic activity competition, this will be particularly cool with all the new contestants, we can’t wait to see how this turns out!

The winner will receive a grand prize of apprx R$2000.

How can I enter the activity competition?

Anybody can join the competition when they want to, you will automatically be entered into the competition as soon as your start posting! :vertical_traffic_light:

Keep in mind our regulations & rules apply and you must follow all rules to have a chance of winning, @moderators can participate in this event, however, everybody will have a fair chance of winning the grand prize of R$2000+.

You will get more points for performing specific actions, you can explore :mag: the point table for more information.

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ.

Don’t know how to perform an action?

Check out our FAQ.

Regulations and Rules

We like to have a good time on the forums! However, rules are put in place to make this competition a fun & enjoyable experience. Rules must be followed, these rules will be enforced.

Our general rules are still in place.

We do not tolerate posts that are clearly spam & made to “gain points” in the competition. Those that flag a bad post will be commended.

If you see a post that clearly is for “point grinding” report them via the specific method - review on the FAQ.

Plagiarising is strictly against our competition rules, we will conduct random plagiarism checks, be weary!

Breaking the rules once will result in a warning, infringing the rules for a second time will result in being disqualified from the activity competition, this will not affect your cookie tech account.

Use general adequate, remember this is a place for civilized conversation, we like to keep our forums clean, you generally won’t get punished for putting your post in the wrong category, but please try to keep your posts in the correct category!

Please refer to our FAQ if you want to report an off-topic post.

We have the right to reject giving you the prize, we will only do this if you have unfairly won or broken multiple rules in trying to win.

Point table

What can you get awarded for?
Daily Visits
Flags Accepted
Likes Given
Likes received
Posts Created
Posts Read
Solutions Accepted
Time Read
Topics Created
User Invites Accepted


Spread the love!

Please make sure to like :heart: other’s posts! We highly condone this behaviour!

What is the main prize?

The winner :medal_sports: will receive approximately R$2000

How long does the event last?

The event will last from: 2022-08-25T23:00:00Z2022-09-01T23:00:00Z.

How to invite a user?

Image from Gyazo

Report an off-topic post

Image from Gyazo

Report a “spam post”

If the user is clearly “point grinding” you may report them by clicking on: Flag Post > Something Else > then type what the user has done & how they are “point grinding”.

How do I know who is winning!?

Every day a new topic will be made with the current scores! :sparkling_heart:

You may also view the LIVE scores here.

I have a question!

If you have a question that is not answered feel free to ask your question down below in the responses!

View my points

Heading to our live scores (view them here), you can see how many points you have.


I hope with this competition we will welcome a few new users to the community! We hope this will boost :zap: our activity!

I hope you have an epic time chatting with us.

Happy posting,

@cookie :hugs:


The activity competition has officially started, everything you do is now going to be saved to the leader board. (The leader board updates every 5 mintes-ish).

Also @OH20_rbLX you can’t compete this time, sorrrrryyyyyy.

Note: If we don’t get enough activity then we won’t go ahead, very very very unlikely, but still possible.


Does this have Tax Added on to it?

It’s a gift card so it doesn’t matter.


That’s alright! Taking a break doesn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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Agreed ,you can still post except it wont count.

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A new video on the activity competition: - YouTube

Day 1 results: Back to school activity competition -22 - Day 1 - Public Communications / Forums Announcements - Cookie Tech (

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I was on a bit of a trip yesterday and on Friday, I’m back home now, sorry for the lack of updates. :frowning:


There is LOADS new activity! It took me 10 minutes to look through all the posts!


Day 3 is now here: Back to school activity competition -22 - Day 3 - Public Communications / Forums Announcements - Cookie Tech (


Very true - everyone is trying to win, as it is a big giveaway, but some people have school, so I wish this was a bit earlier.

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Yeh, that was my bad, I should have done it earlier on.

Good luck to those that are winning!

@Boo in the lead, @peter close behind!


What’s the difference??

You can look on the leader board, remember bigger posts = more points.

Very Very Close! I’m planing to give some to the community…

hello i hope i win because im trying to get a super cool gamepass