November Activity Competition - 2022 (R$3000 activity competition)


Hi! :wave:

Our last competition was in summer, a lot has changed since then, today we’ve decided to reintroduce our beloved activity competition!

The grand prize for this month’s competition will be…:robux: 3000!

Please make sure you read below for more details on how to enter and how to compete!

Table of Contents

How can I enter the competition?

Everybody who posts after our starting dates will automatically receive points, (how can I see my points).

Keep in mind you must follow our rules & regulations at all times, @moderators may compete, however, they will not have any advantage compared to the other community! :orangutan:

The prize will be :robux: 3000, you may receive this in gift card form, we will cover all tax.

For performing specific actions you will be rewarded more points.

When does the competition start?

The competition will be hosted from 2022-11-12T20:00:00Z2022-11-19T17:00:00Z.

Points will be counted from 20:00 GMT.

Points & Point Tracking

We count points specifically:

Action Points Awarded
Received Like 2
Solution 20
User Invited 20
Every hour of reading 2
Every 100 posts read 2
Topic Created 10
Post Created 4
Accepted Flag 20
Per day visited 2

To view your points head to the live updating leaderboard!


Our live-updating leaderboard keeps you up to scratch with who is winning.

View our leaderboard:


Our FAQ is here to help! If it doesn’t answer your question, why not ask below?

Spread the love!

Please make sure to like: and heart: others’ posts! We highly condone this behaviour!

What is the main prize?

The winner :medal_sports: will receive robux: R$3000.

How long does the event last?

Read above!

How can I invite a user?

How can I report a post?

Report a “spam post”

If the user is clearly “point grinding” you may report them by clicking on Flag Post > Something Else > and then typing what the user has done & how they are “point grinding”.

How do I know who is winning!?

View our leaderboard!

I have a question!

If you have a question that is not answered feel free to ask your question down below in the responses!


Thanks to everybody who competes, if you join a few days late you still have a chance, make sure to spread the awareness and have a great day!

Thanks for reading,

@cookie | Event Manager


An RSVP will be coming out soon, let the games begin!


Please RSVP above, this will just let us know that you’re competing!


This is great!

The activity competition is sure to bring much more activity to the Cookie Forums, can’t wait to see who ends up winning this and how it progresses, hopefully few moderation issues in the process.

Another competition, another era of activity. :wink:

Our second day of data is now out!

Good luck, if you’re joining now, you still have a chance!


More leaderboards are now out!


Keep in mind on Friday there are only 2 more days!


Not long, less then 24 hours remain!


that slays omg make a new day report

Okay, today is the final day, that means double points!

Here is the final point sum-up: Activity Competition November - Final Day

This is turning into something big now.
May the best man win.

Competition is over, the points and results will be released later!

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This competition was amazing to begin with, I will be awaiting the final results … do post them soon, we’re all waiting. :smile:


I’m working on it! :slight_smile:


Here are the final points: November Activity Competition - 2022 - Final points - Public Communications / Forums Announcements - Cookie Tech (


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