BAE 3.0 | Are the leaks true?

BAE 3.0 | Are the leaks true?

Well Cookie Tech community; we now have an answer.

Yes, they are true.

Hello, everyone! I’d thought that I would start a discussion about BAE 3.0 and what to expect from it.

I’m sure by now, you have all heard about the leaks for a possible ‘v3’ of BAE.

Now, a few days ago these turned from leaks; to confirmation. You any of seen another discussion that went on about this in a separate topic here that was made by @alexxxjg.

On this post I commented:

And this seemed to of gotten the community buzzing about a new version of BAE.

Now you can see that I linked a video that was made by @BodieBlox(1). This was a video that contained leaks and spoilers for the new system.

In this video he mention that in the updated BAE chaneglog, @r_r made a new note that said something along the lines of:

BAE 2.0 has been bug fixed. This might be one of the last updates because we are edging closer to BAE 3.0 every day.

So, this confirms that BAE 3.0 will be released sometime in march!

I hope you found this useful, and be sure to ask any questions below!



1 - BodieBlox’s Video that can be found here.

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