Basic admin essentials group ID

How can I make a rank have Basic essentials 2.0? I would like the commands to say: “management commands” Thanks.

Change the admin titles in the ‘Essentials code’ script.

Thanks a million! Let me try…

Can you be more specific please or send me a screenshot or precise where I need to change and what exacly I need to change. I would like 255,254,100,70 and 50 (rank IDs) to have acces to the admins.

I recommend to search up how to setup basic admin…

Can you link a video for setting up admin essentials for group IDs?

There is currently no video for that, to add group ranks to get access to the admin, go into the “Basic Admin Essentials 2.0” script and add the rank into there.

Change this:
“Group ID: Change to group ID”
“Group Rank: Change this your group rank ID”
“Admin Level: Change this to admin level. (1 = Mod, 2 = Admin 3 = Superadmin, 4 = Game Creator”.

Here is an guide how to rename rank names. BAE 2.0 Guide

If you still need any help, just message me!

I have another problem. I did what you said but each time amins,superadmins and mods rejoin they do not have the commands anymore…. What must I do?

Can you try checking DevConsole and search for an error?

And when they leave they do not have admin anymore…

Can you please change the DevConsole to “Server”, there should be an error.

How do I do that? Can you be more specific?

I think he wants you to look at the server logs, look in the top left of the console and change “Client” to “Server”.

And then when I did that, does it work?

Still not working……….;;……

BIG PROBLEM!!! I don’t know what I did but admin doesn’t work anymore…… here are screenshots:

In the dev console it says “Callstack: BAE 2.0, line 350, can you try looking at Lane 350 of the “Basic Admin Essentials 2.0” script?

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