Basic Admin User Kick Message

Hey there! So I saw that Bloxstreet has a basic admin kick message with a moderator thing, it shows the user who kicked/banned/pbanned/slocked/shutdown the server. I wanted to know if this can be done with basic admin. If you find anything that can help me do this, please reply. Thanks!


I’m trying to make a fix for this right now, hold on!

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Okay! Let me know if any updates!

I’ve found how to do it, do you know how to customize BAE with the main module?

Head to the MainModule then go to line 349, replace the line with:

local Reason = sysTable.kickReason.. "Moderator: " ..Player.Name

Customizing BAE with the main module tutorial.

If this worked, mark it as solution!

Okay, I know how to edit the MainModule. Also, is this for the kick message that shows to the user or the webhook logging?

It’s this option, I accidently put the wrong line number

I changed it, I got an error in the script that is underlined orange.

You acciedentally deleted something:

function Funcs.Kick(Args)
	local Player = Args[1]
	local playerPermissions = returnPermission(Player)
	if Args[3] then
		local Reason = sysTable.kickReason.. "User: " ..Player.Name
		if Args[4] then
			local combinedArgs = ""
			for a,b in pairs(Args) do
				if a > 3 then
					combinedArgs = combinedArgs..b..' '
			if combinedArgs ~= "" then
				Reason = combinedArgs
		local Victims = returnPlayers(Player,Args[3],Args[2])
		if not Victims then return end
		for a,b in next,Victims do
			local victimPermissions = returnPermission(b)
			if playerPermissions > victimPermissions then
				pluginEvent:Fire("Kick Logs",{Player,"Kicked "..b.Name})
				if Reason ~= sysTable.kickReason then
					local Cleaned,newData = cleanUserData(Reason,Player,b)
					if Cleaned and newData then
						Reason = newData
					elseif not Cleaned then
						if newData and newData:lower():match('cannot communicate with') then
							Reason = sysTable.kickReason..'\nA reason was provided, but your privacy settings prevent you from seeing it.'
							Reason = newData or sysTable.kickReason

				b:Kick('Basic Admin\n'..Reason)

I tried this and it did not work.

Also, just noticed that kicking the user with no reason displays the moderator thing. Screenshot - 3781aa70bf214dfd6e96c546b9a7902b - Gyazo

It seems to work for me, can you show me your BAE settings file?

I will share it later. I’m busy right now.

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This works for me as well.

Check that you did not see this:

If you did close the Script and Update the Game.


Okay! This worked, I will mark this as the Solution

what basic admin you guys used? I searched it and found nothing but I wanted that also for my game.

BAE has been removed from the toolbox

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Can you also don’t add it again or something?

Yeh, but then you need to think about legitimacy and if that’s even morally correct or against any tos/licenses.

Ok. Is there an other way to get that kick message with reason and moderator?

That will be a new topic, this topic has been solved, so keep that in mind.