Bypassing clothing is getting easier

Now that roblox has introduced layered clothing someone could get one shirt that says something and get another one that says another thing and it could say a swear word (that I’m not allowed to make an example for obvious reasons…) I think they need to remove it or make their moderation better.
Here’s a photo:

You wouldn’t really want to buy a shirt with a swear word in the first place. Because;

  • Im pretty sure Roblox will add an option in Studio to override the layered clothing settings;
  • Your account is at risk of being moderated by Roblox moderators.

I legit just saw a youtuber buy this shirt lol

That’s how I found it

Roblox Moderation would likely moderate your account or at least the shirt, it would be impossible to bypass on any shirt without Roblox moderation doing something.

I know there are many issues with people making inappropriate or border-line ToS breaking shirts, it’s so common that it seems like roblox moderation has just given up.

Doesn’t mean DevForum moderation has given up! :smile:

Devforum moderation is just simply too strict in my opinion.


Yeah it is, they take it too seriously, they shouldn’t be that strict.

Wow, What? How could an insult bypass moderation? Like what the hell? Roblox moderation is trash-

Quite recently I’ve seen a lot of innapropriote avatar shirts on various games, some including BedWars and ER:LC.

Roblox’s moderation is not improving.

In addition to this 8 days ago roblox messed up the entire chat filter, this allowed players to say anything, this was highly dangerous, not to the fact that people could swear, but children could be grommed. Roblox messed up the chat filter - General - Cookie Tech (

This happened with the sign up feature on Roblox, that was disabled as people were creating accounts with slurs in. Classic Roblox being homophobic deleted the wonderful GayRights account. Roblox is really going down hill and I think they should just bring back the old website and remove some features like display names, and voice chat.

Voice Chat isn’t moderated as I’ve seen on tiktok people can easily swear on VC and nothing happens to them.

I don’t think they intend on being homophobic, it’s just people use the word “gay” as an insult, then when people use the word “gay” casually, they instantly get moderated.

Roblox is kind of stuck in the middle. They stop moderating the word heavily, they get people getting angry at them for allowing homophobic behaviour, they moderate the word heavily, people get banned for saying: “I am gay”, and then they get lashed for being homophobic.

Detecting bad words is a very difficult task.

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I don’t know if Roblox has this “automatic, always changing chat filter,” but yesterday the chat would stop me from even saying “hello” and the day before it worked perfectly fine.

I believe it’s an AI that tries to get the context of the message, it learns of how other people try to bypass then learns, that’s why good words can easily be mistaken as bad ones.

See, people can upload innocent shirts, and then upload a T-Shirt to bypass everything, I’ve seen it before.

I guess it’s some kind of trust system.

For example:

User A has 100% safe content.

Let’s apply weaker moderation enforcements, so they don’t get affected by the system.

User b has 20% safe content.

Uh-oh, let’s make it so they have to have their clothing designs manually checked…

I think having clothing manually checked out take far to longer for the platform, especially if you are trying to upload merch to your game/group.

True, and it will be very costly for ROBLOX to pay the people manually checking eveyrthing …