[CLOSED] - Sunset Lodge - UI Designer -

Hello! Sunset Lodge is looking for some UI designers!

What you will be designing:

Maybe a music system.
A menu system which has warns in it, sprint all the time, shop.
A loading GUI with like a play buttton, rules, credits, shop, settings etc.

Payment: Robux. I am having to pay 1k+ with tax for a something, more robux for 2 builders and scripters. Just tell me your budget and I’ll see what I can do.


Hi there!
I was wondering if you are still looking for builders?
If so, here is my portfolio:


I’ll ask the others.

Pinged and asked. If you do get hired does outerier building sound ok? Remember it’s a hotel.

I am still looking for a UI designer!

Maybe @RealOH20 can take a look for you, I don’t know if he’s available but he will certainly be an option.

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Hey! I’d be interested in making this for you. Could you send me a PM with some more detail on the UI? Thanks!


Did my PM send? It doesn’t tell me.

Yeah, I received it. Will respond to it shortly.

Could someone lock this?